Some interesting shows happening this weekend:

On Friday, I’ll be joining the Tina Raymond Trio at First and Hope Supper Club in downtown Los Angeles.  Tina, an excellent young drummer, is from my alma mater CalArts, as are her two bandmates, bassist Emilio Terranova and guitarist Tim Fischer.  First and Hope is a brand new place with this classic looking back room, harkening back to fonder days.  Also, the food is amazing here.

Saturday I’ll be at Columbo’s in Eagle Rock with the Tony White Quintet. I live in Eagle Rock, and it’s cool to actually play at a place that you could walk to, although I don’t think I will.  If you haven’t been, Columbo’s is one of those old time Italian steakhouses where you can still see a lot of old Italians.  Apparently Eagle Rock was at one time home to a sizable Italian American community.  Tony is a soulful, spirited saxophonist, and he knows how to have a good time on stage, so it will be fun times indeed.

On Sunday the Tony White Quintet rolls on down the 110 Freeway to San Pedro and Rosalie and Alva’s Performance Gallery, a cool state of the art listening room with some incredible pianos to choose from, which is cool for me I guess.  This will be a fun show ’cause we have my musical brothers Miles Senzaki on drums and JP Maramba on bass, as well as old friend Yu Ooka on guitar.  It’s a family-friendly afternoon show, so if you live in the South Bay (this means you, cousins and Aunties and Uncles) it would be great to see you.

Click on any of the gig listings to the right for more info.

Last (and best), here’s your gratuitous baby pick of the week:

Jesslyn will be at the Sunday show.  I’m just sayin’…

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