I’ve been fortunate to have been pretty busy with gigs as of late, a lot of interesting varied performances, which is both fun and stressful due to how intricate most of the music is and how little time I have to practice these days.

On Thursday I’ll be back at the Foundry On Melrose with my good buddies Matt Cory on bass and Dan Schnelle on drums, 8:30-midnight. Usually lots of people looking to have a good time, and we can play pretty loud, actually we have to in order to stay relevant here.

Friday is a rather crazy day, with an early performance in the Valley as a featured soloist with the CalState Northridge NuVeau Art Ensemble, followed by a mad scramble to North Hollywood to play a late 10pm hit at The Oyster House with Tom Luer’s great quintet, featuring Tom on saxophone, Andy Synowiec on guitar, Dan Schnelle again on drums, and Ryan McGillicuddy on bass. Tom’s has a new CD coming out soon, with interesting covers of bands you actually have heard of, like Radiohead, Coldplay, and Pearl Jam to name a few. Yes, it’s still jazz.

Saturday I get to play at Cafe Metropol with my really good friend Kai Kurosawa in his trio which also features standout drummer Abe Lagrimas, Jr. Kai plays an unusual instrument that goes by the catchy name Bear Trax. It has twelve strings that cover as much range as a piano with the added advantage of looking like some Klingon Death Ray Gun with the Head Chopper attachment. If you don’t believe me, check out the promo pic that Kai made:

Kai writes some of the most original music I have had the good fortune to play.  Show starts promptly at 8pm. Kai is also setting up a live video shoot, so if you want to be on YouTube, now’s your chance…

Whew, I’m already tired just thinking about the next few days.

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  1. Wow! What a Hectic and wonderful schedule! Wish I could go! My 3yr old won’t let me 🙁

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