AAJF in Chicago

They’ve been doing it for years over there, and it’s happening this weekend.  Here’s a nice preview in the Chicago Tribune.  Also a nice feature in NPR’s new blog, A Blog Supreme.  Taco Bell, anyone?  Us Angelenos get a nice nod from Chicago festival organizer Tatsu Aoki:

And today, I think a younger generation of musicians in Los Angeles just started an Asian American Jazz Festival. Interestingly enough, I don’t think they really knew about this whole 20-some years of history by Bay Area artists or Chicago artists, but they decided to do this festival. And I think it’s really interesting how that diaspora of a new generation are identifying themselves as an Asian American jazz festival. I did talk to them a little bit, and I think Jon Jang and Francis Wong also communicated with the organizers there in L.A. I think it’s wonderful that we can do all that stuff.

Wonderful indeed.

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