Sweet Hearts

Sweet Hearts (feat. Priscilla Ahn and Charlie Wadhams)
Monday, April 23 9pm
1737 Vine Street
21+ FREE with RSVP (click here to RSVP)
18+ ok!

Sunday, April 29 10pm
Bootleg Bar
2220 Beverly Blvd

I’m going to be doing a few shows this week with two really cool singer sonwriters, Priscilla Ahn and Charlie Wadhams.  They just recently put out an EP called Sweet Hearts.  It’s a small collection of sweet love songs that are poetic and catchy at the same time.  For a sample you can check out a video below and see more of their videos here.  I had the good fortune of touring a bit with Priscilla last year, and she’s definitely one of my favorite singers to listen to, period.

This Monday we will be at Bardot as part of the School Night! series presented by Chris Douridas (KCRW) and Matt Goldman (MFG).  We are on first at 9pm and it’s only a 30 minute set, so don’t be late!  For those of you over the age of 21 the show is free if you click on this link to RSVP.

Next Sunday the 23rd we will be at the Bootleg Bar, which is a great place to go to hear music.  Opening for Sweet Hearts will be a band called The Parlour Suite, and they are great!

I hope you come out to see one or both of these shows.  It would be a great date night, and even if you’re single there will be plenty of cute girls (and guys) there that you could meet, unless you’re one of those creeps who like to go to shows where you know cute girls like to hang out.  But if you’re not creepy then I’m sure the cuties would like to meet you so then you definitely should go.

At any rate the music is awesome, and that’s why you should go!

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