Gigs this weekend–Nola’s and the Blue Whale

Friday, September 2, 7:30pm-11pm
Gary Fukushima-piano, JP Maramba-bass, Miles Senzaki-drums

734 E. 3rd St. (Downtown Arts District)
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 680-3003


Saturday, September 3, 9-midnight
Josh Aguiar Group
Josh Aguiar-trumpet, Gerry Pinter-saxophone, Gary Fukushima-piano, Roger Shew-bass, Tim Pleasant-drums

The Blue Whale
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3833
(213) 620-0908

Today is my birthday. This getting old business is getting old.

As I mention in my earlier blog post, the last half of summer for me has been filled with a lot of activities that are new to me, from playing indie rock and electronic music and doo-wop and blues on organ to doing some fairly major yard work and buying my first grill. Sure, it’s only a charcoal grill but it’s about time I buck up and do what real men are supposed to do when you have a serviceable backyard. By the way, when the charcoal is really hot don’t put marinated chicken into the flames, you end up with black chicken.

Anyway, this weekend I get to play jazz again and not just any jazz, I’m talking about my music with my trio, cause today is my birthday and it’s all about me today, on my birthday. Did I mention that it’s my birthday?

On Friday GF3 is debuting in a new venue for us, a place in the Artist district called Nola’s, for New Orleans, Louisiana, with appropriate decorum and fare. We’ll be doing three sets there so we will probably play our entire book. Should be a lot of fun. Oh, and there’s no cover!

Saturday finds me back in the comforting walls of the Blue Whale, where I’ll be playing with a cool band let by trumpeter Josh Aguiar, who might be one of the more versatile trumpet players I’ve ever played with, equally at home playing bebop and latin jazz as he is playing avant-garde and crazy. He’s also a riot on the microphone. Seriously, I’d pay a cover to hear him do 10 minutes of stand up.

I am looking forward to doing some things that are familliar to me, you know like when Frodo and the hobbits return back to the Shire from Mordor having vanquished Sauron and his minions. Although drinking at their favorite pub just wasn’t the same for them, was it? I wonder how I’ll feel back with my trusty trio, it’s been so long. My eyes hurt from staring into that fire on Mt. Doom. And how am I going to play with only nine fingers?

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  1. Emilio Terranova says:

    Haha! Taking it out at the end there! Sorry I’ll be out of town this weekend. I’d love to come by and hear you play.

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