Bye-Bye, Summer, Hello Old Man

Well, that was fast.

On Tuesday I taught my first class back from summer break at CalState Northridge, a beginning improv class with lots of young (and older) smiling faces, all of us ready to tackle another year of textbooks, tests, lesson plans, and a lot of coffee.  Back to life as we all know it.

The summer abruptly ended this morning, and I have to admit I’ve been grumpy all day but I didn’t realize until later this evening that the two were related.  Most of this past summer to me already seems like a faraway dream, traveling to Hawaii and Asia, playing music with awesome musicians, and getting to meet some interesting people as well.  Getting to perform for the first time in Hawaii for my Aunty who was one of my first piano teachers was a good thing.  Playing for thousands of people at a rock festival in Korea was certainly out of the ordinary for me.  So was being coerced by two very nice but very insistent Korean ladies to buy five pounds of individually packaged kimchee to take back to the states.  Probably the most surreal moment of the summer came after our show with Priscilla Ahn in Singapore, where a very well known local music empresario took me out to a club with an awesome cover band, and before I knew it I was up on stage playing the clav intro to Superstition.  To bad the band didn’t tell me they do that song in E, not Eb like the original.  A recurring bad dream comes true!

Even after coming back from Asia, the eventful summer kept eventing.  In the span of one week (that is, last week) I did these things:

-played cocktail jazz for a wedding
-played original electronic music (someone else’s, not mine) in a flamenco bar
-arranged and played doo-wop covers for an all asian doo-wop singing group and backing band
-recorded a blues album where I played Hammond B-3 for the first time
-dug out a ton of weeds and grass from our backyard and built a mulch patio and a gravel/resin-flagstone patio for the charcoal grill
-hosted a small party in new backyard for Jesslyn’s 2nd birthday

The party was Sunday.  I wish I could say I was in recovery mode, but that was Monday.

Today we are moving on.

Also, today is my birthday.  We’re going to Disneyland!  One last hurrah!

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