Tuesday was Jesslyn’s 1st birthday.  For her birthday I got her a flat screen TV.  We actually needed to get the TV because our old one will no longer fit in our living room once my birthday present arrives, in the form of a grand piano that will also be every other present we will be getting for me the rest of my life.  Pika and I are a week apart, and we’re feeling very celebratory.  The only thing that could make this week any better is if you come out to my birthday gig at the Blue Whale on Saturday and wish me a happy birthday. But please, no presents.   With the baby last year and the piano this year I’ve gotten the two best birthday presents I could ever hope for.

…yeah ok, the TV is nice too, but that belongs to Pika.

By the way, I’m also playing with saxophonist and good friend Tony White on Friday at the Left Coast Wine Bar.  Birthday wishes will be accepted there as well.

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  1. Emily Cohn says:

    hahaha, Gary you’re a crack up, what kind of piano are you getting?!!!! that is so exciting!

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